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ESD Aluminum Foil EPE Bag


Application and Features:
  • ESD property: Outer layer resistivity is 108-10 ohm and inner layer is 1010-11 ohmSuperior MVTR: 0.008g/m2 •24H
  • Anti-shock property: To avoid inner item’s sharp corner to puncture the outer packing material and this new packing material can protect inside item from shock.
  • Lower down the packing cost: The traditional moisture barrier vacuum packing way esp. in electronic industry is to use ESD moisture barrier bag and inner bag or material like PE bag or EPE material to pack. This new product combines above two layers of packing materials together, which lowers down the packing cost and raises the working efficiency.
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Suzhou Sky Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 2006, is a Hi-Tech manufacturing company integrated research and development with production and sales. The main product lines are clean room cotton swabs, ESD moisture barrier vacuum packing materials and HIC.

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