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Saturn Inkjet Printer


  • Saturn’s intelligent software system makes information exchange not affected by changes in the routing network connection. Data switching takes only 1-2 seconds;
  • CAM data can be converted to print graphics in real time, and material numbers can be quickly switched. The automatic adaptability of intelligent processes gives counterpoint.
  • The precision of this brings a favorable guarantee. The Saturn series inkjet printer adopts a patented mechanical design, and the equipment plate leveling system is also an advanced equipment.
  • The microporous ceramic vacuum table has a smooth layout and uniform suction; the rotating table automatically adapts to uneven trimming.
  • The dual CCD flight alignment system can automatically adjust to avoid the impact of sheet material expansion and contraction on alignment accuracy.
  • The equipment has the advantage of being suitable for automated mass production, and can be used in the production of large-size plates (maximum area 622mm×723mm, thickness 0.1mm-8.5mm) to meet the high-precision production and sales needs of enterprises.

Saturn is equipped with inkjet hardware for the PCB industry, with small ink drops up to 13pl. The equipment can be equipped with 4-8 nozzles. In the multi-nozzle mode, with the technology of variable ink drop position, the full ink drop can be accurately controlled, producing excellent cross-line character quality, and ensuring graphic precision.

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