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Single/Tri Foil Brazing Alloys


Main Features:
  • Both Cad-free and cad bearing alloys can be used
  • Silver alloys with Nicket or Manganese can solve the difficulty of brazing on Tungsten carbides
  • Silver alloy has characteristics of low melting point and good fluidity, which can apply to wld on the small Tungsten carbides – Silver containment of 35%, 42%, 50% and 56%
  • Nickel and manganese containing alloys for thicker joints on medium size of Tungsten carbides
  • Tri-foil products with nicket & manganese containing for brazing large size of Tungsten carbides onto steel, such as CI-4900L
  • Tri-foil alloys can help to absorb and relieve the internal stresses caused by the different coefficient of expansion, which exists between the tungsten carbide and the base material, thus to prevent cracking
Website: Cadmium Bearing Silver Brazing Alloys

Single/Tri Foil Silver Brazin Alloys for Tungsten carbide & base material

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