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Tamura Products for PCBA


  • For various product categories from white goods to automotive, IoT devices
  • Wide rage lead-free options: SAC 0307 from SAC 305
  • Low silver type paste GP211 series and GP217 series
  • Applicable to small to large components (Particle size: Type 4 to Type 6)
  • Solder paste for fine-pitch and high speed printing
  • Halogen-free available
Website : https://www.tamuracorp.com/products/

  1. Tamura fluxes are available in ROSIN-ACTIVATED, ROSIN MILDY-ACTIVATED and WATER SOLUBLE types
  2. Solder paste with good WETTABILITY even at high pre-heat temp
  3. Solder paste with excellent VOID reduction not influenced by reflow profile
  4. Solder paste with good SOLDERABILITY even with air flow
  5. Solder paste with excellent WETTABILITY on various metals
  6. Leaded / Lead Free solder paste
  7. Tamura Diluent
  8. Tamura Flux Remover

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