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Electronics Cleaning Products


  • INLINE DEFLUXING PRODUCTBIOACT EC-88 – Superior RMA and NO CLEAN flux residue removal
  • BATCH DEFLUXING PRODUCTBIOACT EC-78 – Unmatched RMA and NO CLEAN flux residue removal
    BIOACT EC-98 Ultrasonic Defluxer – Ultrasonic defluxer formulated for optimal cleaning and energy utilization. Designed for use over a broad temperature range
  • ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL REPLACEMENT PRODUCTSAXAREL 2200 – Solvent based manual and immersion cleaner formulated to quickly remove tape and flux residues from electronic assemblies as well as uncured surface mount adhesives and raw solder pastes from stencils and misprinted circuites
    BIOACT SC-10 – Proprietary fast evaporating cleaner designed to remove flux residues from electronic assemblies. Suitable for use in cleaning equipment designed for IPA
  • SEMI-AQUEOUS DEFLUXING PRODUCTSBIOACT EC-7R – USDA Certified Biobased terpene defluxer design for use at ambient temperature. Readily separates from water allowing close loop water recycling and zero discharge
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1) Military and avionics circuit assemblies
2) Wafer level packages and bumped wafers
3) Components – passive and active
4) Ceramic and hybrid circuit assemblies
5) Power and ignition modules
6) RF and microwave devices
7) Flip chip packages
8) Probe cards
9) Sensors – pressure, temperature, optical
10) Medical devices

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