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G) 1000 & 1500 VDC FRONTSHEETS


dyMat® Clear Frontsheets
  • Anti scratch
  • Anti abrasion
  • Hydrolysis resistant
  • Engineered adhesive
  • Highly UV resistent
  • Extended life time up to 30 years
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dyMat® Clear Frontsheets
This new generation of clear frontsheets developed by Coveme features an extra high UV and hydrolysis resistant polymer and is employed instead of glass, in semi-flexible and lightweight module. These highly transparent frontsheets are characterized by a specific coating with outstanding anti-scratch and anti-abrasion properties. dyMat® frontsheets are designed for up to 1500 VDC for pv modules in rooftop, automotive or nautical installations and grid or off grid application. Matt anti-glare versions are available.

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