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IdeaLINE Film


  • High Resolving Power
  • Excellent line sharpness and widest latitude
  • Exact line – and space widths at the highest Dmax
  • Double anti stress layer
  • Superior Dimensional Stability
  • Clean Room Packaging
  • Unsurpassed Product Consistency
  • Lowest chemistry consumption
  • Highest stability
RPF – 2 sided PCB, multilayer, HDI, line >20um
SPF – 2 sided PCB, multilayer, line > 35um
OPF – 2 sided PCB, multilayer, HDI, line >20um

Website: IdeaLINE Film

Agfa is the number one phototooling film supplier worldwide (IdeaLINE). Besides this established film technology, we are also offering inkjet inks (DiPaMAT) for the digital production of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s) and photochemical machining.

Silver halide film is available for all light wave lengths used in photo plotters installed around the world and in all sizes used in the PCB industry.

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