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Synaps XM


Features :
  • Durable without lamination
  • Resistant to water, UV light and tearing
  • Compatible with all major digital and Multi Functional Printer brands
  • Writable with ballpoint, marker and pencil
  • Drop-in allowing to print SYNAPS XM between paper jobs
  • Efficient process thanks to anti-static coating
  • Certified for Kodak Nexpress
  • Unique silky soft feel like premium luxury paper
Website: Synaps XM

SYNAPS XM, XM as in Xerographic Matt, is a white opaque polyester synthetic paper that is resistant to water and tearing without lamination.
It allows for double sided xerographic printing, also referred to as dry toner or laser printing. The high quality bi-axially stretched polyester core ensures excellent dimensional stability even under high toner fusing temperatures. SYNAPS XM’s antistatic top coating provides strong toner adhesion and smooth sheet transport during the printing process; all to the benefit of both image quality and productivity.

Because of its ease of use SYNAPS XM is the perfect choice for Print-On-Demand and in-plant print shops that need to be able to switch from paper to synthetics in full confidence. The versatility of SYNAPS XM is illustrated by the fact that it can be pre-printed in offset allowing for subsequent personalization via a digital printer.

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