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Terminating Technology


  • STOCKOMAT ECO-TRONIC professional line
  • STOCKOMAT ECO-DOMO professional line
  • STOCKOMAT ECO-DOMO economy line
  • STOCKOMAT ECO-TRONIC economy line
  • STOCKOMAT ECO-TRONIC Panel Mount xtra line
  • STOCKOMAT ECO-TRONIC Daisy Chain xtra line
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The quality and reliability of an electrical connection depend largely on the terminating technology.

Consequently, STOCKO offers an economical and efficient terminating technique for every product.

Whatever the particular requirements and production quantities are, we offer state-of-the art tools and machinery. With the object in mind of improving our customers’ productivity through optimum production rationalization.

A qualified STOCKO team of service engineers is always at your disposal for advice and practical assistance.

In an emergency, they attend to prompt machine maintenance and carry out preventative servicing tasks.

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