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Tamura Products for PCB


Good heat resistance and resistance to electroless Ni/Au.

Photo-imageable liquid solder mask for spray coating / screen printing.
DSR-8000 P13-17HV

Solder mask for automotive in harsh environments.
DSR-2200 ACR-11
DSR-2200 ACR-19M

A unit that realizes high-density mounting, light weight, thinness, and free design.
PAF,APB-800 Series (Liquid Type)
TPL-800 Series (Film Type)

Solder mask for flexible PCB.
PAF-300-8 series

High reflection suitable to LED products.

Excellent resistance to high temperature under air reflow condition
For Gold-plated Mixed Printed Circuit Boards

Carbon paste for low resistance suitable for key contacts and jumper conductors
Excellent continuous printability

Photo Imageable Coverlay Coat (PICC)
TPL-800-21BKM-30  (Black Matt)
TPL-800-19A-30 (Amber Gloss)

Website: https://www.tamuracorp.com/

Tamura group supply range of products for electronics market. There are a wide range of solder masks use for different rigid and flexible PCB, including automotive in harsh environment.

Besides the green solder masks, Tamura designed white solder mask with high reflection properties for optimal performance in LED products. The cutting-edge Photo Imageable Coverlay Coat (PICC) addresses the demands of high-density mounting in lightweight, flexible PCBs. Tamura's Organic Solderability Preservative (OSP) enhances surface protection and plating efficiency. Additionally, their carbon paste provides a reliable solution for key contacts and jumper conductors.

Overall, Tamura's commitment to innovation and tailored solutions positions as a reliable partner in meeting the evolving requirements of the electronics industry.

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